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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Halong Bay Cruise Online

Halong Cruise Booking Tips

Booking Halong Bay Cruise online is a good way to save time, trouble and money. Imagine running from shop to shop under the heat and being followed by touts who wont accept a simple "No, thanks". To avoid all the hassle, it is recommended that you read through the following tips.

Whether to book Halong Cruise in advance

The best time to visit Halong Bay is in summer (April & May) or autumn (October & November). From June to October, it may be hit by infrequent typhoons but you may get very good rate during these months (low season). From December to March, it gets colder, cloudy and foggy for most of the time though some sunny days are expected.

If you dont want to get stuck with your plan given weather conditions, consider booking Halong Cruise upon your arrival in Hanoi. If you come to Halong in the best time frame mentioned above, it is advisable to book Halong Cruise online in advance.

Your wishes  budget

Choose the boat that meets your travel needs and budget. Some may love the small boats which is less crowded but some may love the big boat that help you feel safer and the desk are large enough for kids to run around. It is important to ask where the boat cruise: Bai Tu Long Bay is off the tourist trails but the karst formations are less amazing than Halong Bay. Some recoomended boat lines are Indochina Junk, Indochina Sails, Bhaya & Au Co Cruise and Heritage Line Cruises.

You should also check the boat age, cabin size, glass window and other facilities for emergency exist and other guest reivews of course.

Comparing prices

It is woth shopping around and comparing rates of the same cruise and boat offered by online agents, hotels, tourist offices and the cruise owners. Make it clear what is included in and excluded from the price, especially extra services like kayaking and transfer. You can refer our price at Halong Cruise.


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